Preparing For Our Encounter:

  • Please note that I do not see any new friends without going through the proper screening process.
  • Have your personal information and references included in your initial contact.
  • Other forms of payment are available. This will need to be discussed ahead of time and may require prepayment.
  • I will never discuss "menu options", however please advise me if you have any special requests as far as appearance, refreshments, etc.
  • I love couples but do require a 2hr minimum date.


During Our Encounter:

  • Please be on time. I understand that LA traffic can be a hassle, so please keep me updated if you are running a few minutes behind.
  • Hygiene is extremely important to me. Please arrive clean and well groomed.
  • Leave the donation in an unsealed envelope, in a visible location, when you've arrived.
  • Be respectful! I will immediately discontinue our encounter if you are being rude, discriminatory or threatening. 
  • Tips are always appreciated but never required.
  • Last but not least, kick back, relax, and enjoy every moment that awaits you.


After Our Encounter:

  • Feel free to request an "Okay" from me on P411.
  • Discretion, safety and anonymity are very important. Please do not share specific personal information about myself, as I will show you the same respect.
  • I will always provide references to other providers that you may be interested in seeing.
  • Once we have enjoyed a lovely time together, you are more than welcome to contact me back, (through email or my personal phone number) whenever you would like to schedule another rendezvous.